IDSys RT is a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer with high-sensitivity and high-resolution power to enable accurate and fast analysis of biomolecules.

Linear Type Reflector Type
Converts to microbial identification system Converts to high resolution analysis system
Analyzed molecules

· Proteins
· Peptides
· Glucose

Polymer organic compounds

· Polymer, etc.

Advantages of the IDSys RT Software

A web-based software

Intuitive user interface (UI)

Software–Equipment system (IDSys 3.0),
Analysis Tool, and results match (MicroID)

Remote controlled

Reflector Mode
MALDI Imaging

Adjusts the laser beam diameter for up to 5 μm for high resolution.

MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI)

With 2D scanning, it measures the MALDI-TOF spectrum at each location and maps the intensity with the color scale to develop an image for each mass.


Proteomics (study of proteins)

The study of proteins’ structure and functions
Analysis of the interaction between proteins

Polymer analysis

Analysis of a variety of polymers

Glycan analysis

Analysis of the unique pattern for each cell/tissue to diagnose a certain disease

Organic compounds analysis

[OLED Materials]
Analysis and quality control of the components of display devices