MALDI plate (existing color retained) is a part that aligns samples for the analysis by a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer and a consumable product that is sold separately from the system.

In conventional systems, reusable plates were used repeatedly by washing, causing the problem of contamination and inconvenience.
To solve the problem, ASTA developed a disposable plate that prevents contamination and eliminates the need for washing. Since disposable plates have excellent sample cohesion, they feature high sensitivity and can measure even a small sample.

ASTA’s disposable plates are more competitive than reusable plates in user-friendliness, economic efficiency, and accuracy.

  • · Lower prices than existing reusable plates
  • · Excellent sample cohesion through hydrophobic patterning
  • · Mass spectrometry with only a small sample is possible
  • · Excellent sensitivity and reproducibility
  • · Compatible regardless of manufacturer
  • · Storage of samples on the plate is possible (reanalysis is possible)
  • · Thin layer that is easy to store

Hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface treatment techniques increase sample’s cohesiveness, thereby reducing the amount of samples and matrix needed, and also enhancing sensitivity.

Pre-spotted MALDI plates are manufactured by uniformly distributing matrix solutions onto the plates. Because matrix are spotted already, our users can easily perform sample preparations, and uniformly distributed matrix solutions can increase the accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility of the analysis.