• · A mass spectrometer technology that uses the Laser Desorption/Ionization – Time of Flight (LDI-TOF) technology to analyze OLED panels, materials, and devices.
  • · Mass distribution spectrum analysis based on the mobility of ion particles generated by ionization of OLED samples by laser in a vacuum tube.
  • · Measurement and analysis using ultra-fine laser and high-precision stage of mass imaging data indicating spatial mass distribution.
  • · Prep station and holder/plate for measurement of OLED samples in various heights.
  • · Installed even in small areas, low consumables cost, and relatively quick measurement compared to other analytical methods.

Mass image per pixel

OLED analysis paper using OASys® (SID publications by international information display societies)

OASys® is an LDI-TOF (Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight) mass spectrometer for OLED analysis and test. It can analyze OLED panels in pixels.

OASys® has a built-in ultra-fine laser optical system, developed in-house, that can analyze spot sizes of less than 5㎛ and developed the world’s only equipment operating software based on the latest web technology (node.js) for convenience scalability.

ASTA succeeded in developing the world’s first next-generation LDI-TOP-based OLED analytical system.

Equipment (Specification)
TOF Flight Length 2.23m (Reflection), 1.29 (Linear)
Acceleration Voltage ±20kV (Positive ion and negative ion measurement)
Vacuum Level 5 X 10-7 torr or below (Diaphragm Pump + Turbo Molecular Pump)
Digitizer 2.5GHz bandwidth, 10 bits, 5 GS/s
Laser Nd:YLF UV laser with 349mm wavelength, 5ns pulse width
Ion Optics Delayed Extractor, X & Y Deflector, Einzel Lens, Ion Gate, Reflector