Rapid Enzyme Digestion System
  • · Rapid Enzyme Digestion System (REDS) can process up to 96 samples simultaneously in protein degradation, enzyme reaction, and glycoprotein sugar separation.
  • · The system features cost-saving, time-saving, high efficiency, and simultaneous throughput of sample processing, making it ideal for studies on protein degradation and biomarker.
  • Time Saving : Traditional method: 8~24 hrs → REDS: 10~15 min.
  • High Efficiency : It covers not only a single sample but 96 samples in a 96-well plate at a single run for large scale protein digestion or biomarker research.
  • Applications : Protein digestion reactions by trypsin, Glu-C/Lys-C, and Chymotrypsin and glycan digestion reactions by PNGase F and PNGase A
  • Customers : CDC, Canada FDA, Genentech(3), Amgen(2), Novartis, Samsung BIoepis, Celltrion, etc.